BEYONCÉ & JAY-Z “THE CARTERS”: scaletta, video e foto del concerto allo Stadio Olimpico di Roma – 08/07/2018


  1. Holy Grail (JAY-Z cover) (Bey and Jay
  2. Part II (On the Run) (JAY-Z cover) (Bey and Jay)
  3. ’03 Bonnie & Clyde (JAY-Z cover) (Bey and Jay)
  4. Beach Interlude
  5. Drunk in Love (Beyoncé cover)
  6. Diva / Clique
  7. Dirt Off Your Shoulder (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  8. On to the Next One (JAY-Z cover)
  9. Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  10. ***Flawless / Feeling Myself (Bey Solo)
  11. Naughty Girl (Beyoncé cover) (Bey solo)
  12. Big Pimpin’ (JAY-Z cover) (Jay solo)
  13. Jamaica Interlude
  14. Run This Town (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  15. Baby Boy (Beyoncé cover) (Bey solo)
  16. Mi Gente (Remix) / You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) (Bey Solo)
  17. Bam (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  18. Hold Up / Countdown (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  19. Sorry (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  20. Bar Fight Interlude
  21. 99 Problems (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  22. Ring the Alarm (Beyoncé cover) (Bey solo)
  23. Don’t Hurt Yourself (Beyoncé cover) (Bey solo)
  24. I Care / 4:44 (Bey and Jay)
  25. Song Cry (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  26. Resentment (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  27. Running Interlude
  28. Family Feud (JAY-Z cover) (Bey and Jay)
  29. Upgrade U (Beyoncé cover) (Bey and Jay)
  30. Niggas in Paris (JAY Z & Kanye West cover) (Jay Solo)
  31. Beach Is Better (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  32. Formation (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  33. Run the World (Girls) (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  34. Public Service Announcement (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  35. Ballet Interlude
  36. The Story of O.J. (JAY-Z cover)
  37. Déjà Vu (Beyoncé cover) (Bey and Jay)
  38. Show Me What You Got / Crazy in Love
  39. Freedom (Beyoncé cover) (Bey Solo)
  40. U Don’t Know (JAY-Z cover) (Jay Solo)
  41. Baptism Interlude
  42. Young Forever / Perfect Duet (Bey and Jay)


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