BEN HARPER & CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE: scaletta, video e foto dei concerti al Fabrique di Milano – 23&24/04/2018



  1. When I Go
  2. Bad Habits
  3. The Blues Overtook Me (Charlie Musselwhite cover)
  4. Love and Trust
  5. I Ride at Dawn
  6. Get Up!
  7. I Don’t Believe a Word You Say
  8. Movin’ On
  9. I’m in I’m Out and I’m Gone
  10. Nothing at All
  11. Trust You to Dig My Grave
  12. Found the One
  13. I’m Goin’ Home (Charlie Musselwhite cover)
  14. Blood Side Out
  15. When Love is Not Enough
  16. When the Levee Breaks (Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy cover)
  17. Encore:
  18. No Mercy in This Land
  19. The Bottle Wins Again
  20. Long Legged Woman (Charlie Musselwhite cover)
  21. Yer Blues (The Beatles cover)
  22. All That Matters Now


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